Surviving high school with cars

I’m Niko.

Growing up, cars where always a passion of mine, they made sense to me and I had huge respect for the mechanical complexity of highly-strung performance cars and how those cars could make you feel.

At 18, my license got me through the torture of year 12, high school. Being able to run away and let the world disappear as I concentrated on nothing but the art of driving, was my escape.

One day I took my dad’s camera to a car meet and very quickly recognised the opportunity to capture that feeling of being free, and to be able to share it with others.

Since then, the camera has come with me on every drive, forever chasing that perfect moment. Whether it was carving the mountains late at night or sitting in a carpark with my friends, my car made me happy.

My pursuit of that perfect moment led me to the purchase of a 2005 Lotus Elise, a car which is designed to strip everything back and focus on the drive. The car takes those feelings we all search for and turns it up to eleven. It’s visceral and raw, the car speaks to the driver as you converse your way up those lonely mountain roads or around the track.

I have partnered with Drive Against Depression to share those feelings with others. To be able to take an incredible moment and capture it, share it, and use it to invoke feelings and create relationships. Playing such a large part in my own life, I want to encourage others to have that same experience. To be able to enjoy the passions of cars and driving to foster relationships and promote a healthy state of mind, whether it be an escape from life, to take your mind off things or just a fun thing to do with friends. 

I love nothing more than to share my experiences with others, so my door is always open. Feel free to get in contact or come say hi at a DAD event and ill happily take you for a spin in my Lotus. I love meeting new people and sharing the experience the car offers, and let’s be honest, any excuse to go for a drive… 

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