Drive Against Depression’s purpose is a four-pillared approach to supporting those with mental illness, particularly depression and/or anxiety, as well as their support people and families. Whether you’re a lifelong car enthusiast or you just like a particular colour car (or you’re somewhere in the middle) Drive Against Depression offers an important opportunity to:

 Start, then continue, the conversation about mental health.

Find the pathway to seek help.


Engage with ongoing support services for continued encouragement.

Sitting beside someone while going for a drive provides an ideal forum for unguarded conversations and a chance to reconnect with a passion. Perhaps it’s driving, the countryside, good food, the outdoors or making time in a busy life to talk to your mates, it all plays an important part in mental wellness.

Our Mission


Drive Against Depression works to achieve increased mental health awareness in Australia, particularly relating to depression and anxiety. Our intent is to remove the stigma surrounding these issues by encouraging open conversations over a shared enthusiasm for motoring.

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Love at first sight
Love at first sight

Meet Tikaani First time I laid eyes on her it was love at first sight. I had always dreamed of owning a Falcon V8 and now that day had finally come. Turning the key and pressing that start button is great. Hearing that rumble as she warms up is relaxing. Taking this car out for drives is amazing. She handles…

Director DJ’s Uluru Adventures
Director DJ’s Uluru Adventures

Blog written by Drive Against Depression Director and road route master, David James. Anyone that knows me well will know that I’m a sucker for a road trip. Be it a trip to Winton to watch cars circulating, a thousand kilometres in a day as a birthday giggle, or a drag to Brisbane to deliver/collect a car, or to visit…

Our resident psychiatrist Doug on his love of cars
Our resident psychiatrist Doug on his love of cars

We are proud to say that Dr. Doug Blomeley has joined the Drive Against Depression family, as the inaugural member of our Mental Wellness Network. Doug will be a regular attendee at our drive events, and has already spoken at our 2019 Winter Community Drive. Better yet – anyone that books a consultation with Doug and mentions they came across his work…

Meet Floris at the 2019 Repco Reliability Re-Trial
Meet Floris at the 2019 Repco Reliability Re-Trial

*DAD note: Paul Dobney and his father Bruce reached out to Drive Against Depression to spread the word about what we do as they traverse Australia. The 2019 Repco Reliability Re-Trail celebrates 40 years since the last Repco Reliability trial, which was won by Australian motorsport legend Peter Brock. The Dobneys are keen spanner people with a passion for old…

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