Supporting mental wellness through the freedom of driving

That's our mission.

Summer Drive Day - 31 January 2021

The DAD community emerged from a year without events to enjoy the perfect combination of brilliant roads and excellent company.


Author: Sarah Davis

Never Walk Alone...

DAD community member Trevor Fernandez shares his mental health story and how driving is his outlet.


Author: Sarah Davis

Our resident psychiatrist Doug on his love of cars

Our resident psychiatrist Doug Blomeley shares his passion for cars and driving - and why it's so good for your mental health.


Author: Adam Davis

Chelsea Angelo

Professional race car driver and driver instructor Chelsea Angelo joins The DAD Crew as an ambassador.


Author: Sarah Davis

The numbers


Australians had a mental or behavioural condition in 2017-18


People have engaged us at a drive event in 2019


Enables us to engage someone in a conversation that could change a life

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