Drive Against Depression’s purpose is a four-pillared approach to supporting those with mental illness, particularly depression and/or anxiety, as well as their support people and families. Whether you’re a lifelong car enthusiast or you just like a particular colour car (or you’re somewhere in the middle) Drive Against Depression offers an important opportunity to:

 Start, then continue, the conversation about mental health.

Find the pathway to seek help.


Engage with ongoing support services for continued encouragement.

Sitting beside someone while going for a drive provides an ideal forum for unguarded conversations and a chance to reconnect with a passion. Perhaps it’s driving, the countryside, good food, the outdoors or making time in a busy life to talk to your mates, it all plays an important part in mental wellness.

Our Mission


Drive Against Depression works to achieve increased mental health awareness in Australia, particularly relating to depression and anxiety. Our intent is to remove the stigma surrounding these issues by encouraging open conversations over a shared enthusiasm for motoring.

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The Distracted Man’s Guide to Meditation
The Distracted Man’s Guide to Meditation

We saw this article in Men’s Journal and it resonated so strongly we’d like to share it with our community. 19 seconds is all you need to start with. “Face it, if meditation were a pill, you’d want it. If it was a workout, you’d probably be doing it already. You’ve heard all about its much-lauded de-stressing capabilities; you’ve read…

Treasure Hunt Drive, 18 November 2017
Treasure Hunt Drive, 18 November 2017

My insides filled with trepidation as I left work, surrounded by fat water droplets hitting the Clio’s windscreen. ‘Let’s hope it’s over quickly,’ I thought to myself as vicious thunder engulfed the cabin. Although those droplets remained on the car the next morning, the skies were thankfully clear, returning to the dazzling blue of earlier in the week, the fluffy…

Five cars to make you feel
Five cars to make you feel

The whole premise of Drive Against Depression came about while escaping the clogged city freeways in favour of a drive in the countryside. And while it is wonderful to share such moments of freedom with like-minded friends, there are times when all you are craving is to feel interaction with the car you are driving. I’ve been fortunate to drive…

Driving Opinion: Why Joy is not Only a BMW Slogan…
Driving Opinion: Why Joy is not Only a BMW Slogan…

By Damion Smy Your opinion on shoes is not valid. Your opinion on washing machines hardly respected. Your political views silently opposed as smiling faces around you superficially agree. Yet everyone has an opinion on cars – for better or for worse – and while this can cause arguments, fractious relationships and clandestine societies, we can all rejoice in one…

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