Drive Against Depression’s purpose is a four-pillared approach to supporting those with mental illness, particularly depression and/or anxiety, as well as their support people and families. Whether you’re a lifelong car enthusiast or you just like a particular colour car (or you’re somewhere in the middle) Drive Against Depression offers an important opportunity to:

 Start, then continue, the conversation about mental health.

Find the pathway to seek help.


Engage with ongoing support services for continued encouragement.

Sitting beside someone while going for a drive provides an ideal forum for unguarded conversations and a chance to reconnect with a passion. Perhaps it’s driving, the countryside, good food, the outdoors or making time in a busy life to talk to your mates, it all plays an important part in mental wellness.

Our Mission


Drive Against Depression works to achieve increased mental health awareness in Australia, particularly relating to depression and anxiety. Our intent is to remove the stigma surrounding these issues by encouraging open conversations over a shared enthusiasm for motoring.

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DAD Calls for Wellness Practitioners – We Need You!
DAD Calls for Wellness Practitioners – We Need You!

As we work on our Big Project for this year, we’re seeking the involvement of our community. We’re reaching out to you. Your networks. Your community. We know there are a multitude of different services that support great mental health and various practitioners that support us when we’re at the bottom. A fundamental part of creating Drive Against Depression was the acknowledgement that there’s…

Tackling the tarmac with Geoff Thorp’s Peugeot 405 Mi 16
Tackling the tarmac with Geoff Thorp’s Peugeot 405 Mi 16

*This guest blog has been written by Kylie King, with imagery from Suz Gallus. You can see her work at https://www.facebook.com/suzgallusphotography/ Watch out! The ATRC Touring Bug is contagious Geoff Thorp has been a ‘car nut’ for as long as he can remember. He has fond memories of pulling his bike apart as a child, and following his dad around, who…

Media Release: DAD formalises partnership with WD Motorsport
Media Release: DAD formalises partnership with WD Motorsport

Australian registered mental health charity Drive Against Depression formalises partnership with WD Motorsport to deliver bespoke ‘Touring Super Sprint’ tarmac rally events in 2019 Events are run in conjunction with the Mountain Motorsports-promoted Australian Tarmac Rally Championship and are proudly supported by RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport and the Australian Auto Sports Alliance The WD Motorsport Touring Super Sprint offers four opportunities per…

Journaling: Cathartic, or a crock?
Journaling: Cathartic, or a crock?

For someone who grew up with the thought that writing about cars for a living was, well, life, the suggestion that I take to ‘journaling’ as an emotional release should have been a natural extension. Right? When my awesome psychologist (he’s let me name him: Phil Milligan from JPM Life Innovations in Mornington) initially suggested the concept, for some reason…

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