Drive Against Depression’s purpose is a four-pillared approach to supporting those with mental illness, particularly depression and/or anxiety, as well as their support people and families. Whether you’re a lifelong car enthusiast or you just like a particular colour car (or you’re somewhere in the middle) Drive Against Depression offers an important opportunity to:

 Start, then continue, the conversation about mental health.

Find the pathway to seek help.


Engage with ongoing support services for continued encouragement.

Sitting beside someone while going for a drive provides an ideal forum for unguarded conversations and a chance to reconnect with a passion. Perhaps it’s driving, the countryside, good food, the outdoors or making time in a busy life to talk to your mates, it all plays an important part in mental wellness.

Our Mission


Drive Against Depression works to achieve increased mental health awareness in Australia, particularly relating to depression and anxiety. Our intent is to remove the stigma surrounding these issues by encouraging open conversations over a shared enthusiasm for motoring.

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Drive Days – one mum’s mental health survival strategy
Drive Days – one mum’s mental health survival strategy

Helen, the Founder and Editor of Driven Women Magazine, talks about what cars and driving mean for her mental health wellbeing. Being a mum can be really stressful at times, especially in those early years when your children are completely dependent on you. Trying to juggle a million things at once, always thinking hours or even days ahead, all while…

Expressions of Interest – The First Sydney Drive!
Expressions of Interest – The First Sydney Drive!

Update 03/04/2018: There are a few extra steps our charity needs to take to bring the fun and support of our event to you in Sydney, so we are postponing the event to make sure it’s the best day we can deliver. The easiest way to keep updated is to register your interest through the below link if you haven’t…

Mornington Peninsula Drive, 4 March 2018
Mornington Peninsula Drive, 4 March 2018

With Christmas a distant memory and the new year well and truly marching past we were eager to bring the Drive Against Depression community back together for another day out. Autumn is perfect on the Mornington Peninsula, so we took advantage of the stunning views and engaging roads to welcome everyone back on Sunday 4th March for a leisurely cruise…

Brain Fog Busting Chocolate Smoothie
Brain Fog Busting Chocolate Smoothie

As I learn more about the connection between what we eat and our moods and brain function I’ve become more aware of how what I eat makes me feel. Typically when I’m feeling low I want foods that make me feel good quickly and I go for what most of us have long regarded as “treats”. Chocolate is first on…

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