DAD Calls for Wellness Practitioners

Written by Sarah Davis:

As Drive Against Depression works on our Big Project, we’re seeking the involvement of our community.

We’re reaching out to you. Your networks. Your community.

We know there are a multitude of different services that support great mental health and various practitioners that support us when we’re at the bottom.

A fundamental part of creating Drive Against Depression was the acknowledgement that there’s more than one way to get help and a core desire to make sure everyone has access to something that’s going to meet them where they’re at.

The first two of our community service pillars are:

? To provide opportunities for people to start their conversation about mental health; and

? To help people continue that conversation with the practitioner that’s right for them.

We think we’ve got that first one nailed and we’ll continue to build our events for you.

Now it’s time to deliver that second pillar.

Much planning and consideration has gone into how we can do that, and as we nut out lots of ideas we keep coming back to our vision to provide a holistic mental wellness service for our community.

That’s where you come in.

? Are you a mental health practitioner?

? Does your work support overall mental wellness?

? Do you see a practitioner you love?

We are seeking to get in touch with a variety of wellness practitioners who would be interested in sharing details about their service and collaborating with DAD as we work our way through building this platform.

?Personal trainers
?Yoga instructors
?Meditation leaders
…plus we know there’s a heap more out there.

Please feel welcome to drop Sarah a line via,  share our Facebook post or send this post link to someone you know might be a good fit.

There’s so much potential for us to help reach the 45% of Australian adults who will experience mental illness in their lifetime, or the 54% of people who don’t access mental illness treatment.

We know that 75% of people admitted to the public sector mental health inpatient service improve notably, so let’s help people wherever possible before inpatient services are required.

Looking forward to connecting with some wonderful practitioners! Location isn’t a concern, we’re looking for practitioners from various locations.

Thank you in advance for supporting our vision for a supported community through this mental wellness service. ??

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