A special message from us to you…

Written by Sarah Davis:

With our 2021 Winter Drive Day postponed and ongoing restrictions presenting various hardships and challenges, we knew spirits in the community were low. We’d been told by so many how much they were looking forward to our drive day, needed it in fact, and the sense of connection and outlet it was sure to provide.

The DAD Crew put together a special message for participants of the day with personal messages and the intention of providing some comfort that we’re here planning our next day and sending support from afar.

This was emailed to all participants last Sunday, on the morning we had scheduled to drive, and we were overwhelmed with the thanks and positive feedback in reply. We’re so humbled that it provided some reassurance, and excitement as we look forward to our rescheduled date of 15th August 2021. 

While usually on this day, a week after a drive day, we’d be sharing stories and photos, today we share with our our video message, and hope you can take benefits from the messages and encouragement from the DAD Crew.

Please CLICK HERE to view the short video. 

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