Memories made and kept

by Jessica Barbieri

When the bump and grind of life can get you down, having something to look forward to can really help to get you through the week. For me it was the anticipation of attending DAD’s Berwick Ford Charity Drive with my partner.

It was an early start for us, but having a fun reason to get myself out of bed on my day off, as well as the promise of coffee, was great motivation.

Getting to see the sun rise over the landscape of the freeway was the first magical moment of the day for me, and they just kept coming after that. The briefing at Berwick Ford was insightful and knowing all those in attendance had made a donation to a great charity and were there to help spread awareness about mental health and to socialise and have a great time enjoying a shared passion for motoring, was awe inspiring.

We all drove to Kongwak Market in a relaxed convoy, and then ate ‘the best Samosas’ we had ever eaten based on a wonderful recommendation. It felt nice to support the local market and everyone there was so friendly. We then drove on to Inlet Hotel Inverloch for lunch. After which people chose to return home, or break off into smaller groups with their friends to continue a relaxing afternoon, like we did. Food, friends, local communities and markets, nature, cars, the joy of driving and raising awareness about the importance of mental and physical health, were the essence of the day for me.

The joy this day brought me even spilled over to my next day off as I decided to capture the memories of the event by scrapbooking some of my favourite snaps from the day. As I placed a photo of it on social media the love and awareness just kept on coming. It’s amazing how one persons passion to organise an event as special as this one can fuel such joy and happiness for so many others.

Thank-you to Adam and Sarah Davis, The Coffee Van, Paul Webb, Berwick Ford and all those in attendance.  I can’t wait until I have the opportunity and availability to attend another event.

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