DAD and Berwick Ford Autumn Drive Day – April 2023

The smiles per mile at our 2023 Autumn Drive Day were huge. Lunch at The Inlet Hotel in Inverloch was a highlight where stories were regaled, including which course everyone ended up taking in what turned out to be a ‘choose your own adventure’ drive route with everyone seeing something different in the stunning autumnal scenery! 

Niko French captured the moments of connection, conversation and cars in this gallery, while DAD Ambassadors James Wong and Chelsea Angelo moved seamlessly through the day to support with registration and welcoming our crews. Kara Costello rocked our raffle ticket sales, Rod Costello delivered his first briefing as a newly appointed DAD Director, Olly Bridge had our group captivated again with his honesty and relatable mental wellness advice and Andrew and Georgie Weir kept our group moving through the course. 

Berwick Ford have now delivered their third partnership event with DAD, and on behalf of the DAD crew and community we thank them and Paul Webb sincerely for their support and their continued efforts to normalise conversations about mental health. 

– Sarah Davis

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