Essentially, driving brings freedom

Mental illness can be crippling. It can sap the will to engage with the outside world, turning you in on yourself. The only thing you feel capable of? Laying in bed.

It’s a familiar story, and one that you’ve probably heard about (or even experienced) first-hand.

To make that initial move out of bed is extremely difficult. But like taking the first step of a run, the motivation tends to come once you’ve leapt that hardest hurdle.

Within our community, driving is an escape from that downward emotional spiral. It’s a movement beyond the walls of your mind, a focus on enjoying your vehicle and of connecting with the idiosyncratic traits that make it yours. It engages your senses.

Suddenly, the scenery becomes more vivid; life regains colour and clarity. There’s further satisfaction in nailing that downshift, or hearing the engine reach redline.

There might be a coffee stop, the sound of ticking metal as you call a friend you’ve been meaning to see for weeks but simply haven’t had the energy. Until now.

Because that’s what driving can do for people like us. It gets us out of bed. It encourages us to reconnect with ourselves and others. It give you the headspace to seek further help. Essentially, it brings freedom.

So come and join the Drive Against Depression community by signing up for a social drive!

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