Mental health in our community is indiscriminate and effects many of us either directly or in our family, friends or colleagues.

4.8 million Australians had a mental or behavioural condition in 2017-18.*

1.392 million Australians had anxiety, depression, or a combination of the two in 2017-18.*

What is Drive Against Depression doing about it?

1. We spark individuals to act

  • Inspiration through exclusive motoring-themed events to encourage reconnection.We want to help before it’s too late.

2. We start conversations…and we listen

  • We share in peoples’ stories: online, in-person and at-event. We foster a relaxed, judgement-free environment to facillitate this.

  • Keynote speakers provide additional information and support.

  • Our social media presence furthers our sense of community.

  • Print and online media amplifies our message.

3. We continue the conversation and set people on the right path

*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics