Start, then continue, the conversation about mental health.

We talk about our physical health all the time but mental health seems not so easily raised. Is it the perceived social stigma, old ways of thinking we just need to “be stronger and cope better”, being unsure about who to talk to or who will understand, or not knowing what to say in the first place?

Maybe it’s a bit of everything or perhaps even none of these, but whatever the reason is for you, Drive Against Depression is dedicated to providing supportive and inclusive opportunities for you to connect with new and old friends and start your conversation about mental health.

Once the conversation has started, continuing it is just as important. Through our events we hold space for individuals, their support people and their families to engage and find the pathway to mental wellness that’s right for them.

 Start, then continue, the conversation about mental health.

Find the pathway to seek help.


Engage with ongoing support services for continued encouragement.

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