Co-Founder and Director

Co-founding Drive Against Depression with Adam was something that happened naturally and somewhat unexpectedly. As a partner, seeing the spark that returned to Adam after a drive with a couple of mates during a particularly hard time was nothing short of relief. We’d tried for some time to find what activities and actions would help his energy, mood and overall mental health, and to see the simple heartfelt comfort that came from connecting with people who understood him while doing something he loved was enough for me to want to share that with others.

I love being amongst our community and seeing the connections and conversations evolve. Hearing the stories afterwards about how our events have helped people in so many different ways gives me the passion to keep building Drive Against Depression into an organisation that can truly help, when sometimes it’s hard to find what can. It’s always especially touching for me personally when it’s a partner or support person who chats with me about what it means to them to have our events as an outlet for their partner working through their mental health struggles.

Cars and motoring have been an interest for me even before meeting Adam. I remember dragging my Dad to watch the V8 Supercars at Winton years ago and feeling the thrill of being at the opening round of the F1 season at Albert Park, then watching the subsequent rounds on TV. My racing viewing has been largely replaced with Play School and Peppa Pig these days and you’ll find me at our events looking after our community, often with our two daughters who wear their Drive Against Depression shirts with absolute pride.