Since connecting with Olly Bridge at DAD's 2021 Summer Drive Day we've been excited by the opportunity which has developed to share Olly's experience and mental wellness philosophy with the DAD community. 

Olly originally trained as a Sport & Exercise Scientist at the University of Bath – English Institute of Sport (EIS) and proceeded to work with elite athletes like Jenson Button and Mark Webber at Benetton/Renault Formula One and the British Olympic Gymnastics Team. 

Whilst Olly enjoyed working with elite athletes early on in his career, his real calling came to him during his 7 years in Sales and Marketing for BMW head offices on both sides of the world. It was during this stage of a successful corporate career that he increasingly became concerned by the poor general health of the average corporate worker. Realizing there was a critical need for global change, it was only a matter of time before Olly started to do all he could to empower people to regain control of their own health. This is where he became a Director of the Global Corporate Challenge and helped 'move' 1.5 million people into better health. 

Olly now has 25 years of health and wellbeing experience. He served as an Executive Director of the Workplace Health Association of Australia (WHAA) and during his time as Head of Health and Wellbeing of an ASX listed company the organisation was awarded the AHRI’s Martin Seligman Prize for Best H&W Program. 

Over the years Olly has designed and delivered countless H&W strategies, delivered hundreds of hours of content and successfully translated these sports science rules to the 'Corporate Athlete'. Olly has proved that regardless of whether it’s on the sports field or in the boardroom, it's the little things, the 1%ers each day, that add up for athletes and everyday people alike to live their best lives. 

As for Olly's philosophy on mental health...
"I see the body as a complete ecosystem that all inter-relates with each other, I don’t believe that you can separate parts off. The evidence clearly shows that impacting someone’s physical health impacts their mental health or psychosocial health impacts their physical health. Humans are a complex matrix and so working with humans as a whole is key.

My philosophy on health in general comes from my background in working with elite athletes and using the tried and tested methods and strategies and using them with the ‘Corporate/Everyday’ athlete…that’s the you's and me’s…everyday people deserve to be treated like elite athletes!"

We're looking forward to introducing you to Olly as a partnered practitioner in DAD's Mental Wellness Network at future events.