Meet Floris at the 2019 Repco Reliability Re-Trial

*DAD note: Paul Dobney and his father Bruce reached out to Drive Against Depression to spread the word about what we do as they traverse Australia.

The 2019 Repco Reliability Re-Trail celebrates 40 years since the last Repco Reliability trial, which was won by Australian motorsport legend Peter Brock.

The Dobneys are keen spanner people with a passion for old English motors. We’ll be seeing them off at the Melbourne Showgrounds on August 5th as they embark on a round-Australia odyssey. They’ll be loading with DAD stickers and carriying a couple of magnets on the car; though we’ve been advised that one has fallen off during testing (Floris is flying!).

Best of luck Team Dobney. You can check out their adventures and support our cause by visiting:

by co-driver Paul Dobney

Meet Floris.

A badge-engineered British icon fusing Cotswold countryside flair and fifties style. Strangely endearing.

She’s a concoction of the best from the BMC parts bin. Carefully assembled: throw in a little bit of Morris, a little bit of B series and a bit of MG Magnette. She’s not revolutionary, attractive or efficient in any way. She’s a humble pom.

Ever reliable and solid, she’ll get you from A to B in comfort and in one piece (usually). Like grandma’s Tupperware carefully stacked in her well-travelled picnic basket, her doors slam with a reaffirming thud. Picture your loving and faithful floral-dressed nanna delivering you a warm cup of chamomile tea and tips for growing your petunias. That’s Floris.

Tough but frugal. She buzzes on the freeway but on the inside breathes and spits flames like a beast. Don’t by any means knock her. Floris has racing and rally pedigree. Sixty eight polite horse power is at your disposal. But, only if you use your manners and show some respect and damn patience. Over 19 seconds to 100 clicks to be exact. She’s there for you with 1489cc of MG sourced, twin SU’ed grunt.

From an age when niceties of motoring were a roof over your head and a heater that actually worked. She’s got a fancy wooden trimmed radio! Floris has your back.

Floris is reasonable, adequate and enough. Don’t laugh.

Floris is a Riley.



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