Many may know James Wong's name from his motoring journalism work with CarAdvice and CarExpert, but to us more than anything, he's been an unconditional supporter of DAD since his very first dive with us a few years ago. We're excited to formalise our partnership with James and welcome him as a DAD Ambassador, he's such an advocate for normalised conversations about mental health and we're proud to have him sharing the DAD message. 

James tell us...

"Once I was old enough to drive, and especially once I started my career as an automotive journalist, my passion for cars became another avenue for me to get away from my troubles.

When I’m driving I feel so free, all I’m thinking about is the road ahead and what’s over the horizon – provided I’m not in peak hour traffic.

I love singing in the car and consolidating my emotions through that rolling musical bubble when I’m riding solo, and I also love sharing a drive with a friend or family member for that one-on-one time which seems so precious as you get older. Sometimes, the best conversations are the ones you share while on the road.

My job allows me to help people by giving them advice on what is likely the second-biggest purchase you’ll make in your life, which is something I love to do. I’ve also been able to make so many amazing new friends and connections along the way, who also have their own stories to tell.

It’s why I relate so much to the message behind Drive Against Depression. The shared love of cars has brought us all together, creating a safe place for us to have some of those tough conversations with a family member, a friend, or someone you’ve just met. We’re all so different, yet so similar.

To be an ambassador for such an amazing cause is truly an honour, and I hope I can continue to help others by spreading the message and inspiring others to take charge in their own journeys."