Understanding and healing the cause/s of a patient's symptoms and addressing the whole person is the primary goal of a Naturopath.

In clinic I assess which factors have been at play... physical, mental, emotional, environmental, genetic etc... that have come together to contribute to how you now feel. This is important to know, in order to heal in a way that lasts.

Understanding your individual situation, and tailoring the support accordingly, is the best way forward to bring your all back into balance.

After 15 years of practice I've come to understand that our bodies want to be in homeostasis! If we create the correct environment, both internally and externally, this can happen.

Assisting the body’s ability to adapt to stress, and boosting the body’s nutrition, encourages healthy neurotransmitter production. This has a flow on affect and can alleviate anxiety, OCD, depression and panic.

Through my own personal experience with anxiety and depression, I have a deep understanding in how it is to live with these conditions, and to be on the road to healing them.

We are each a beautiful work in progress and natural medicine provides us with many options to achieve our balance.

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