Of course, the natural inclination is to get a group together and go for a drive... and we are all for that!

However, if you'd like to do something a little bit different, we have some suggestions below:

Motoring book and DVD buy, swap and sell

Host a garage-style, motoring-themed buy, swap and sell. A small entry donation and a percentage of sale proceeds can go a long way to supporting Drive Against Depression.

Endurance driving events

Many car clubs and other organisations offer showcase events that test team endurance and car preparation to the full. It's a great way to build camaraderie among a group of mates. Ask your friendship network to support your endeavours by donating an amount for the achievement of a distance or lap target.

Alternatively, take a look at what Paul and Bruce Dobney achieved during the 2019 Repco Reliability Retrail, which raised funds for Drive Against Depression. 

Spare parts and swap meet

Similar in feel to the motoring book and DVD buy, swap and sell theme, why not gather the car club together, ask for a donation at the gate, and line up some stalls with your no-longer-needed parts?

Movie night

Love a classic car movie? It could be Bullitt, it could be Senna... it could be Herbie. Host a group, load up on snacks, have conversations and connect for a gold coin donation.

Ready to go? 


Do you have any cool fundraising ideas? Let us know via [email protected] and we'll add them here!