2021 has been nothing if not another exercise in rescheduling, adapting and making the best of what we have. With restrictions changing again in Victoria we have everything crossed for sunshine and guidelines that permit us to hold our Summer drive day. Let's hope we can get this one in to end the year on a high! 

Every time we deliver a drive day, we see just how much value it brings to our community. Now more than ever, joy and connection are vital for mental wellness, and getting together with like minded others over our common love of cars and getting out for a drive is just what we need. 

We proudly welcome two of our Mental Wellness Practitioners to chat with our crews at briefing, and look forward to again sharing the day with Dr. Doug Blomeley and Olly Bridge, plus DAD Ambassador Chelsea Angelo. Photographer Niko French will also be on board capturing the day. 

Full details of the drive route will be distributed to participants in the week leading up to the event. We don't want to delay opening up registrations any longer, so an outline of the day is below. 

** Registrations for this event have now closed **

Start Location
Arrival from 8:30am at BP Rockbank
9:00am briefing, including drawing the event raffle winners! 

Morning Tea
11:00am Meredith
Options for morning tea are for you to bring self catered refreshments or stop in at The Royal Hotel Meredith. Hot and cold refreshments plus a small selection of cakes/muffins/scones will be available for purchase on arrival. 

1:00pm St. Anne's Vineyard, Myrniong
We're chatting with the team about a option for a take away picnic lunch or the option for you to dine in the restaurant and order off the menu. Further updates will come asap. 

🌟 Important Notes 🌟
- The drive route, briefing pack and full participant notes will be emailed to participants a couple of days ahead of the event.

- Meeting point will be just beside the truck parking at BP Rockbank west bound.

- Please don't miss briefing! This is a really important part of our day. Aside from registering your attendance, it's where we hear from our Mental Wellness Network practitioners Dr. Doug Blomeley and Olly Bridge, chat with Ambassador Chelsea Angelo, draw our raffle winners and provide important info on the drive route. 

- We anticipate that our crews will arrive in Meredith for morning tea over 20-30 minutes, depending on the time they set off.  There's just a couple of barista staff so make yourself comfortable and The Royal Hotel team will serve orders as quickly as they can. 

- For an alternate morning tea stop you're welcome to bring a self catered morning tea and stop at a nearby point that takes your fancy. 

- A group lunch to end the day will be held at St. Anne's Vineyard in Myrniong. We in discussion with the venue regularly regarding restrictions and allowable group numbers, and will in turn keep in touch with participants as we finalise what's achievable. 

- This drive route takes us on some brilliant roads we've not used before, and we suspect most others wouldn't have either. Delivering an engaging driver route is one of the elements that makes our days special.
Please be aware this course includes: 
> several single lane and narrow roads
> regional roads which will likely be damp and in some parts slippery if our recent wet weather continues

- This day will be something different and interesting, and worthy of a few varied road choices. Just what we need after the challenges of the last few months. 

- We are very aware of the Covid times in which we are living. This event will be run in accordance with all government directives, and the venues who are hosting us will be adhering to their own protocols. Should the advice or restrictions change we will update participants accordingly. 

- Per the government directives, proof of Covid-19 vaccination will be required for entry to The Royal Hotel and St. Anne's Vineyard for dine in lunch. 

🌟 Why Donations to DAD Matter...
We truly appreciate each one of your donations to join this event.
 We liken supporting DAD to supporting local business - we're a small crew who are dedicated to creating meaningful community impact and offering tangible mental wellness support. 

Donations enable us to deliver events we know our community genuinely benefit from and allow us to build our Mental Wellness Network. This is our panel of intentionally aligned mental health practitioners who share DAD's purpose, understand the needs of our community and offer a holistic approach to mental wellness. 

Everyone's pathway to mental wellness is different, and these practitioners help get us there. 

We advocate for normalised conversations about mental health and know that mental health is as important as physical health. We hope that as we continue to offer events and other opportunities for connection that our unique way of supporting mental wellness continues to fill social gaps in the mental health landscape.

That's a big undertaking, but we've seen the impact of it in action, and that's what keeps us focused. 

We thank you sincerely for supporting DAD, as we continue to support the community. 💙🙏

Can't wait to share a drive again soon. 

If there are any queries regarding this event, please feel welcome to contact us via [email protected]

The fine print...
- DAD has a CovidSafe Plan which has been duly completed as part of our risk assessment process. There is no longer a need to our register events. 
- Participants acknowledge the DAD Assumptions of Risk and that this is a strictly social and non competitive event using open public roads. A copy of this document will also be linked to the participant drive route pack. 

Booking for this event has now closed.