Non-Executive Director and Drive Route Master

I’ve been a car tragic since before kindergarten, and it’s a curse that shows no signs of abatement.

I remember sitting in the front of one of the first Range Rovers to land in Australia in the early 1970s, hearing the V8 noise, and loving the panoramic view as Dad joy-rided me and my mates around the neighbourhood. I wanted one!

I remember my first race meeting – Calder, August 1977 - and the sound of F5000s at full flight, seeing the famous Peter Brock racing right there in front of me.

I remember sitting in my cousin’s Porsche 356, heading off to Lakeland Hillclimb, where he was racing, and later doing over four times the speed limit in his Le Mans Sunbeam Tiger on an unnamed road in the leafy Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

I remember my first ride in a rally car – navigating the sweep car at the 1982 Swinburne 200 Rally outside Narbethong and Marysville. It was the start of a passionate and sometimes painful relationship with the left hand seat of innumerable rally cars, a manic journey that led to victories, championships, defeats, disappointments and the joy of meeting and competing with the best in the world. Wheel to wheel racing Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya through the recce of Bunnings Plantation at Rally Australia will be a memory that will be with me forever.

I could go on and on, but needless to say you get the idea.

These days I run a small transport and shipping business, and that allows me to get involved in the things I love, such as Drive Against Depression, and the journey with Adam and Sarah Davis. I live with the darkness of depression and anxiety, so it’s a personal journey we’re sharing. 

My interests are wide and eclectic, like my posse of cars, and the ever changing wish list and search for the next addition. It only took almost 50 years to get that Range Rover!

I look forward to meeting you on one of our drives or events.