Rallying, driving and empathy

I recently had cause to pause for thought. My great mate Scotty Newman had asked me to co-drive with him throughout 2018, in the Victorian Rally Championship. John Carney, a well-known figure in rallying circles, had offered the opportunity to try out his freshly-built Ford Fiesta R1 with a view to getting a one-model rally series off the ground.  Being…

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Gearing up for the Noosa Hill Climb

With the Noosa Hill Climb just a month away (9th and 10th June) we’re getting ready for our winter escape and gearing up for a sensational event… and in breaking news we’re thrilled to welcome Luke Youlden to the event with Drive Against Depression! Luke’s motoring bio reads like a dream journal for many of us, with his latest accolade…

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Being True to Where it Started

We have humble beginnings and a humble mission, and between our grand plans for the services we can provide that’s really what we come back to. It’s what keeps us focused and inspired and it’s what keeps us pushing forward on what is proving to be a very interesting learning curve. It’s what keeps us going when the days are…

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Mornington Peninsula Drive, 4 March 2018

With Christmas a distant memory and the new year well and truly marching past we were eager to bring the Drive Against Depression community back together for another day out. Autumn is perfect on the Mornington Peninsula, so we took advantage of the stunning views and engaging roads to welcome everyone back on Sunday 4th March for a leisurely cruise…

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Brain Fog Busting Chocolate Smoothie

As I learn more about the connection between what we eat and our moods and brain function I’ve become more aware of how what I eat makes me feel. Typically when I’m feeling low I want foods that make me feel good quickly and I go for what most of us have long regarded as “treats”. Chocolate is first on…

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The Distracted Man’s Guide to Meditation

We saw this article in Men’s Journal and it resonated so strongly we’d like to share it with our community. 19 seconds is all you need to start with. “Face it, if meditation were a pill, you’d want it. If it was a workout, you’d probably be doing it already. You’ve heard all about its much-lauded de-stressing capabilities; you’ve read…

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Treasure Hunt Drive, 18 November 2017

My insides filled with trepidation as I left work, surrounded by fat water droplets hitting the Clio’s windscreen. ‘Let’s hope it’s over quickly,’ I thought to myself as vicious thunder engulfed the cabin. Although those droplets remained on the car the next morning, the skies were thankfully clear, returning to the dazzling blue of earlier in the week, the fluffy…

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Five cars to make you feel

The whole premise of Drive Against Depression came about while escaping the clogged city freeways in favour of a drive in the countryside. And while it is wonderful to share such moments of freedom with like-minded friends, there are times when all you are craving is to feel interaction with the car you are driving. I’ve been fortunate to drive…

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