Something really special happened today at our Summer Picnic Drive. 

Usually I’m pumped for our events and ready to get stuck in but today, it didn’t start well. Not much sleep during the storms last night, on top of coming to the end of a challenging week, saw me running late this morning. Things grew worse when nav unhelpfully told me the start point for our drive was further than it did last night, putting my ETA even further behind schedule.

The headspace wasn’t good. The weather matched it.

This was meant to be a summer drive, right?

After missing the turn off for BP Rockback Outbound (twice, yes tears followed, it was just that kind of day…) I finally arrived to see familiar faces and smiles. A few deep breaths and I was out of the car, layering on a jacket in the unexpectedly icy morning, to get registration underway.

As each of ‘our’ cars rolled into the carpark, my excitement crept up a notch. These were cars I knew carrying people I knew, and the feeling of being amongst community made me feel stronger.

Coffees and morning snack supplies were purchased, and our participants generously chipped in to buy raffle tickets for our delicious Christmas hamper kindly donated by Mel Savage and the crew at Patterson Cheney Toyota.

With all present and accounted for DJ briefed our group on the drive route and the plan for the day, highlighting that today was about cruising the stunning route David Henry had again expertly curated. No time pressure, no set lunch booking to meet. Just two beautifully scenic stops and time to enjoy the roads and company.