We're excited to introduce you to the newest practitioner in DAD's Mental Wellness Network, Alison Tehan. 

Alison is a qualified Nutritionist and Wellness Coach who works with clients to provide personalised nutrition advice to support their health and wellbeing.

Working holistically Alison specialises in the area of gut health, teaching clients how to use food to nourish and revitalise their mind and body.

Alison is passionate about personalised nutritional support to help clients understand how to nurture their gut health, which is linked to every aspect of health including mental health. She loves helping clients apply simple strategies to nourish, nurture and support their bodies, with a key focus on the gut and digestive system.  Eating the right food to support our health as well as identifying key nutritional deficiencies is critical for achieving good mental health. 

Alison has seen first hand the power of food and nutrition with her clients and that when making only small adjustments to peoples diets can have a profound impact on how energised and happy people can feel.

Nutritional psychiatry is an emerging field of research and a growing discipline using nutrition and a holistic approach to improving mental health. Alison uses therapeutic foods, supplementation and lifestyle techniques to help improve mental wellbeing. This approach can provide extra support for more traditional medical treatments for those looking for improved mental health and overall health.

How to Book

To support the DAD community Alison has generously discounted her consultation fees. Appointment rates for the DAD community are: 

Initial appointment $115
Review appointment $70

Private health rebates apply for most providers. 
If you'd like to arrange an appointment to see Alison please contact her via 0410 413 024 and let her know you are a part of the DAD community.