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Drive Against Depression works to achieve increased mental health awareness in Australia, particularly relating to depression and anxiety. Our intent is to remove the stigma surrounding these issues by encouraging open conversations over a shared enthusiasm for motoring.

From the founder:

Drive Against Depression BMW M3 CSLAfter years of internal struggle, I finally made the decision to put my hand up and ask for help from my GP; this was not a sustained down period… it was something more.We agreed that I should commence medication and return to see a psychologist, something I hadn’t done in many years.Fast-forward to a week later, my body adjusting to this new world of medication, catching the dips before they morphed into irrecoverable troughs. Man, they also made me thirsty.A busy day preparing for an event in searing Bathurst heat, and my mind was awash with exhaustion, bordering on despair.The final task of that day? Accepting a BMW E46 M3 CSL from a transport truck.

For those that know my life-long obsession with cars, you’d expect my heart to be racing at 7900rpm, but all I could think of was air-conditioning, four litres of cold water and bed.It was early evening as I slipped behind the CSL’s Alcantara steering wheel. A quick dip into the memory bank shifted the automated manual transmission’s gear lever into neutral and I twisted the old-fashioned key. A metallic rasp assaulted my senses, and my thirst was forgotten. Involuntarily I hit the sport button, opening up the CSL’s party trick – its carbon airbox.With some semblance of cooling breeze and a precious few minutes before darkness descended the decision was made for me, the CSL pointing down the road and rasping away as it warmed through, my eyes widening as the side window wound down and my face caught the breeze.

A suitable back-road stretch was discovered, and the full impact of that carbon airbox/legendary straight-six combination shattered the still air that had settled in surrounding paddocks. Fatigue washed away, this incomparable acoustic blending with the M3’s sublime chassis to elicit something as simple as a genuine, lasting smile.It seared a memory into my mind that will stay with me for the rest of my life, a feeling of pure contentment.It’s in such moments that a car becomes more than a transport device, and it’s that feeling that I hope Drive Against Depression will capture for those who felt something as a result of this story.


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